Tips On How To Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger Than It Is

Life is all about sacrifices and compromises. If you found the perfect location for your home, that is convenient for both work and school, chances are that the house itself might have a few shortcomings. If your bedrooms are large, spacious and gorgeous, then chances are that your bathrooms are not. But it’s not the end of the world; and you can easily adjust to these situations. If you have a small bathroom that you’d like to create the illusion of a larger space for, the below suggestions are ideal for you…

Avoid cluttering the space with too much things
One mistake many of us do when dealing with small spaces, is over furnishing it, or having too many things in that space. Like any other part of your home, your bathrooms too will naturally look smaller than it is, if it is cluttered and there is not much free space in it. As fancy as it is, try to avoid installing all those extra fittings that you probably don’t need. Even storage options can be reduced. Likewise, try to reduce the things cluttering your vanity, and other shelves in the bathroom too to make the space look less cramped and smaller than it is.

Know how to color your bathroom and how to select the correct materials for it
If possible, opt for all whites. If you are not a fan of how it can sometimes feel “blinding”, opt for the lightest shade of your chosen color. Remember that you can always add a pop of color through things like mirror frames, and other bathroom accessories. Using glass as part of the material for your vanity, your bathroom cabinets and even your shower can help. Transparent and framed shower screens Adelaide too can enhance both the general look of your bathrooms, as well as help with making your bathroom appear larger than it is.

Size matters; in this case at least!
It’s quite true that in many cases, size doesn’t matter. But in case of a small bathroom, the size of things like the vanity and the mirror matter a great deal. Opting for a glass shower screen will help reduce that cramped feeling; something that is present even with opaque shower curtains. Likewise, opting for a large mirror will help to make your bathroom appear larger; as it will bounce around the existing light. In the case of a vanity, unless you really need the storage options, choose something like a small floating vanity for best results.

Make use of both the natural and artificial lighting
Having adequate lighting plays a large role in making any small space appear larger; bathrooms included. Along with the usage of glass, and the installation of a large mirror, try to make better use of your lighting. Draw in the sunlight to make it a space that is naturally inviting. If your property is private enough, consider installing skylight windows to aid you with this. Use bright artificial lighting. For an added illumination, mirrors with lights surrounding them can help too…!

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