Tips On Hardwood Carpeting Maintenance

If you are having a hardwood floor, you will have to take good care of it. Although hardwoods are fairly sturdy, prolonged exposure to moisture or grease can deteriorate its outer surface. The best feature of a hardwood floor is its gleaming texture. And if you wish to preserve this shiny surface, you need to take certain maintenance measures. In this review, we will be considering a few tips that can certainly help you in preserving your expensive hardwood floor.

  • Using carpets and rugsYour hardwood floor definitely looks great without any expensive carpet or mat. However, if you are concerned about preserving its natural shine and reflective surface, you can think about using certain precautionary measures. In every room, there are certain areas that are subject to more wear and tear. For instance, in living rooms, there are areas where kids often rush around wearing their shoes or heels. The grit left behind by soiled shoes can cause scratches on the surface of your polished wooden floors. It may not be visible initially. But eventually, as it keeps on happening you would start noticing that your gleaming floor is losing its shine. Hence, at such spots, you can use a few mats or rugs as a protective covering.
    • Regular mopingMake use of a dust mop on a regular basis for cleaning your hardwood floor. Moping would not only make your floor look quite clean, but also protect it from getting damaged. The dust, dirt, and moisture can make the surface of your hardwood floor rather dull and rough. The abrasive dust particles and grit can destroy the smooth texture of your floor within a matter of 1 or 2 years. So if you have a newly installed floor, make sure that you keep it clean on a daily basis.
      • Safe cleaning solutionsGeneric floor cleaners can sometimes have a damaging effect on your hardwood floor. Use of harsh cleaning chemicals is one of the major reasons that can lead to gradual deterioration of timber flooring Bright. Elements like silicon, waxes, and harsh oils that are often found in most of the floor cleaners may react with your hardwood surface. Eventually, they can lead to dents and discoloration. Hence, when you are buying any kind of floor cleaners make sure that they are fully safe for your hardwood floor. Also, make use of a quality floor coating that can protect the surface of your floor from various harmful cleaning solutions.
        • Protection from sunlightLong-term exposure to the harsh rays of direct sunlight can make your floor seem rather dull. So make sure that your room has enough curtains and drapes that can filter the harsh sun rays.

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