To Get A Job In Painting Houses

Painting walls, ceilings and roofs may sometime be a huge headache, wishing you won’t get paint anywhere on your head, spreading drop cloths over everything. But of course, if you find it fun and somewhat of a meditation, then this is the job for you. 

Why this job?

  • Because it’s easy to startup’ no license is required for this in many states of the world, and even if it is in a state where a license is needed, you can always work for a commercial painting company and be covered by the company license. 
  • You don’t need to have any sort of qualification in painting either, and even if you just began you can also learn pretty quickly as well. You can try googling tips and watching some YouTube tutorials to get a better understanding. Try starting from your own house, learn where you tend to go wrong and work on it.
  • Housing industry is growing day by day, more builders and more contractors join this field every day, so a career in house painting seems mostly likely to be plentiful.
  • How to get started
    Once you think you’ve got the hang of painting, it’s time you find your target audience. Your targets are landowners, apartment structures and complexes, who may require support with a unoccupied property and you may need to focus on certain type of painting like house painting Gold Coast, interior designs, maybe specialize in ‘painted ladies’ or of any kind that suits your area.Then, prepare your tools. You can begin with a different dimensions of ladders, a variety of rollers, brushes and paint dishes and possibly a breathing mask and a sprayer. Later, as your career begins to grow, you can start buying a pickup truck and other materials.Then, you need to market yourself; let people know your career. Have some leaflets spread around the neighborhood, leave fliers at their entrances and link with interior designers, real estate agents and contractors. You could likewise try advertising on the local newspapers, keep a blog showing your work and if you do specialize in eye-catching painting skills, get your business written up in a local magazine (that is if you are working for a company) or maybe try volunteering, that way people will recognize you.Your startup cost can be relatively low and you can work from home base and this could be part time. Make sure you learn your people skills because no matter what career you have, having good relationship with your clients, coworkers and your bosses is one main key in building your career. All the very best for a bright future.

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