Cleaning Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding

Everyone would agree, when I say no one hates cleaning as much as the next person. Not only is it boring to do so, but also too hard too. The reason for this could be because you don’t clean the right way in the first place. Here are some mistakes you should be avoiding when you clean, so that you can clean the right way.

Don’t rub the stain too hard
Usually when drink or food spills on a carpet especially, there is a high chance that it would surely leave a stain. And the most common thing we tend to do is rub the spot really hard with heavy detergent and such, until it goes. However if you were to get down carpet cleaners Chatswood for the job, they would surely not recommend this practice, especially because they understand that this practice actually ruins the entire carpet and fabric in it. Instead first get an old cloth and use it to soak up all that moisture from the said spot. Next use another cloth and using a good stain remover blot on the spot continuously, until the stain seems to lose the dark color of it.

Don’t clean the windows on a sunny day
It is pretty normal that we use cleaning solutions to wipe the windows and make sure that they are all dirt and grime free. However doing so on a sunny day should be avoided. The reason is because on a sunny day, this solution would dry up too soon and leave streaks on the windows. And you would end up having to make an extra effort to wipe over the already cleaned windows, to get rid of the stains. Instead use a cloudy or rather humid day for this purpose. You could also hire cleaning services for this, in case the job gets too tough (not for your home though… because that would be the ultimate definition of lazy!).

Don’t use lime and vinegar as your go to cleaning solution always
While it might work for certain things that you use this lime and vinegar solution, for certain other materials, using a combination of these two is actually not recommended at all. The reason for this is because when it comes to materials like marble, limestone and such, there could be negative reaction causing these materials to lose their luster. So it is recommended that you choose your cleaning equipment and materials appropriately.

Consider the above and avoid these mistakes when you are cleaning your home, so that you can save a few bucks without worsening the problem and taking it to the next level!

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