5 Tips For Spring Cleaning

With spring on its way, everyone is focusing on cleaning. The feeling after spring cleaning can be amazing but the process can be annoying. However, with a proper planning and some work spring dusting can create a profound change and create a positive atmosphere. Here are some tips for your next spring cleaning session.

The kitchen

Cleaning your fridge should be the first thing you should clean. A combination of salt and soda can be an awesome fridge cleaner. Getting rid of all bottled food and cans should be of utmost importance. When dusting make sure it’s thorough and you haven’t left anything behind. When it comes to dusting the pantry make sure to get into all the corners and the backs of the shelves as well. Make this an opportunity to empty out the kitchen and give it a full wash. Properly cleaning the kitchen once a year would be enough.


Cleaning the mirrors, windows and screens are what you should focus on. Use scrap carpets to clean the grime around the taps and other fittings. Get some help with tile cleaning to clean the grouts and everything else. Some vinegar will be your best friend when it comes to dusting your washroom. Make this a time to replace your lufa, pumus stone and things like that and add some decorative touches. Link here https://www.ericscarpetcleaningservices.com.au/floor-and-other-cleaning/ offer a great service when it comes to tile cleaning that will satisfied your needs.


It is recommended to change bedding once every season. However when it comes to spring cleaning make sure to clean the pillows and mattresses. Steaming them and leaving them out to air will make sure to get rid of possible bed bugs. Change your drapes and curtains while you’re at it. Airing out your comforters, blankets and pillows after a long winter will make things feel fresh for the New Year.


Dust can be one of the biggest issues of spring cleaning and if you have carpets in your home they would be pretty dusty. Using a high power vacuum cleaner and getting the service of a professional cleaning will not only make things easier for you it will make sure that dust won’t be a big problem throughout the rest of the year. Make sure that you reach all the nooks and crannies of your home when getting rid of dust as it can get everywhere and can cause allergies.

Everything else

While you’re dusting everything make this an opportunity to do some decorating. Let the new near be enjoyable.With a few days spent with spring cleaning done right, you will be able to set a positive tone for the rest of the year.

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