How To Put Those Vintage Fittings To Good Use?

Most homes in the suburbs and even those in the city, have now seem to develop a huge taste for the vintage style, especially with the changing trends. And so, now seeing antiques and other vintage décor around the place hasn’t become much of a surprise at all. So now you can stop feeling embarrassed about displaying those décors and fitting pieces that you thought belonged in the 80’s and now have them proudly arranged just the way you want them to be. Here are some ways you could use to create this match.

The modern fitting with the antique

Dresser drawers were definitely a bit hit among many retro industrial furniture. Even today, most people seem to be trying really hard to get their hands on one of these amazing wood works. So if you seem to be owning one of these dresser drawers or tables with vintage handled drawers, don’t forget to get them out from the attic or storage and let go of the idea of selling these. Instead combine these with a modern stool or chair and voila you have created a whole new mix of styles! You could also use these dresser drawers to display different art pieces or other ornaments as well. They are also perfect to store in whatever necessaries like an extra battery or may be even the remote controls, this way you wouldn’t have to go on an entire hunt around the house, looking for either one of these.

Creating a camouflaged look

Of the different ways used in blending different fittings with the entire room setting, creating a camouflage seems to be the best and ideal trick that almost anyone could use. If you don’t really like the shade or undertone of the furniture or if the wood work on it seems to be really bothering you or even if you simply want to change colors, painting it the same shade as your wall, is one of the best ways you could use. This way, not only are you sort of hiding the furniture but you are also giving it a whole new look at the same time. However, if you want to create an even better overall look, you could try buy dining chairs online with different fabric shades and textures. This way while you camouflage the fitting, you are also creating something even more highlighting that shall standout in the room. After all, when everything around you is of the same color you tend to look for that one thing that stands out don’t you?

You could also try hanging up hand drawn portraits of your ancestors or may be even some other antique display that shall be highlighted from amongst the rest. This way you would be able to easily blend in the mix of styles from different trends and eras!

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